Great Deal Shopping

Posted on July 3, 2012


Unlike all of my friends I hate shopping whether it is clothes shopping or grocery shopping. Why? Because I hate spending any money. I have a fear that one day I’ll run out of money so I try to keep as much as I can.

When I do hit the shops or the supermarket I’ll hardly ever pay full price for anything I look for money off everything whether it’s with coupon codes or sale items and ill often spend all day finding a cheaper alternative. I often come back from the shopping center with nothing and then hit the internet looking if I can find a cheaper item online.

I’m one of those people that rummage on what my mother calls the ‘scavenger shelf’ in the supermarket, the one that’s touched away out of sight. I don’t mind a broken lid or box if I can get the item for half the price.

Rather than buying everything I need at the supermarket I head to my local discount store so I can get items such as washing powder and shower gel at a cheaper price. If I do find a great offer I buy in bulk this way I won’t have to spend the money for the same product every week and I can avoid inflation.

When I shop online I look out for Tesco supermarket voucher codes which often offer free delivery or £10 free shopping when you spend over £50. This often saves me a load of money. There are thousands of money off vouchers online that can be found for almost anything from parking to electrics, it is worthwhile keeping your eye out for them.

When seeking out services it is vital to look out for the best service for your money. There’s no good hiring the cheapest plumber you can find because they may be terrible – it is well worth shopping around online and phoning companies to get the best company for your money. Also take a look at company reviews online – this way you will be able to determine what to expect from a company. If you do hire someone that says you need more work done than intended then get someone else to look at it this way you can avoid being ripped off for a job that never needed doing.

For pay monthly costs such as insurance or car finance take a look at the overall payment. This can often be substantially greater than the one off payment because of the interest. Some companies offer interest discounts and if you look properly you’ll even find a company with no added interest.

Jade is our guest blogger for today she is a money saving expert.

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