Sports Spread Betting: What is it?

Posted on June 25, 2012


Sports spread betting is one of the best ways to make money from your sporting knowledge and combines both the skill of analysis with a bit of the luck and excitement of fixed-odds betting. Sports spread betting is hugely popular primarily because it allows a lot of flexibility when placing bets on a wide range of sporting events. Unlike traditional fixed-odds betting the amount that you win increases the more right (or converse for the more wrong) that you are in your bet. Also, unlike fixed-odds betting the bet can be closed whenever you feel like it , allowing profits to be taken early or losses to be cut whenever you want.

What Does Sports Spread Betting Provide?

Sports betting works by providing spreads for particular sporting markets. The spread is one higher value and one lower value separated by a number of units which make up the spread. The higher value becomes the buy price and the lower value becomes the sell price. Typically these will relate to such things as goals, corners, free kicks etc. when you bet on a football market for example. The quote that you will receive when looking to place a bet on a football game may be something like corner kicks 6-8. This very basic example translates in to a bet on the number of corner kicks that you speculate that there will be over 90 minutes. If a football fan believes that there is a high likelihood of many corner kicks they may decide to have a ‘long’ bet on this market. The trader would then place a bet of, for example £10 per point at 8. For every corner kick beyond 9 the position will gain an additional £10, likewise, if the game only has 8 corners it will result in a £10 loss.

Skill or Luck?

Sports spread betting has a reputation associating it with pure gambling but the truth is that there is both an element of skill which needs to be applied and also the fact that risk can be managed with all spread bets. Managing risk is central to improving how profitable your overall trades are and sports spread betting allows the use of stop losses in order to limit any financial loss to a comfortable level. For those who have a reasonable knowledge of sports, spread betting on sports markets is an excellent way to combine this with the potential to make some very attractive profits.

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