Freebies to Look Out for in 2012

Posted on June 18, 2012


While there are many freebies to look out for in 2012, there are some important financial freebies which are both important and extremely helpful being offered in the upcoming new year. From financial planning to accounting to tax preparation, companies are prepared to give free services and advice to everyone who needs or wants it.

The top five financial freebies for 2012 –

1. Non-bank owned ATM’s (Automatic Transfer Machines) are reportedly prepared to offer free transactions to the customers in 2012. Their patrons will be offered the option of paying the ATM fee for use of the machine or have the option of free service by watching a short advertisement on the screen of the ATM while doing their transactions. The exact date that this program will be launched has not been announced yet, but the program coming in 2012 to ATM’s in your area was announced this week on both ABC and CBS news programs. This should save many dollars throughout the year for everyone who uses ATM machines which are not owned by their bank.

2. Tax time is almost upon us. Turbo Tax is offering a free edition of their tax preparation software which includes free tax preparation for the 1040 EZ and for simple federal tax returns. This includes both free tax filing and free live personalized tax advice. Other editions of their tax preparation software which include their deluxe, premiere, home and business, and business software will allow free preparation and you pay when you file. Turbo tax also offers a free audit support center.

H&R Block, not to be outdone by Turbo Tax, in 2012 will offer an At Home Online Free Edition of their tax preparation software also.

3. Quickbooks Accounting Software is running a “Try It Free” promotion for their accounting software which is for all accounting needs. It is offered by Intuit, and if you choose to buy it after you try it, they offer a guarantee that it will pay for itself within 60 days or you receive a full refund.

Abelsoft Money Fox
4. Abelsoft Money Fox 2012 at CHIP, which is for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 is offering a free version V2012.2 for a personal financial management tool. This software allows the user to create multiple accounts, each can be different, can use various currencies and will automatically download the latest currency exchange rates. IT is capable of creating comprehensive reports providing visuals, tracking expenses, income and transactions for each account. This program is in English even though the current promotion is offered in German.

Pinnacle Gold Group
5. Pinnacle Gold Group is offering a free investor kit for 2012. This kit is tailored to your personal investment preferences and goals and will show you how to include precious metals in your investment portfolio. It includes free expert advice and should be helpful to all who wish to include silver or gold in their portfolio.

There are many freebie sites online which offer freebies of all types, from food to household products to financial products. These top five freebies to look out for in 2012 are only a few available.

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