The Legality and The Process of Cash Gifting

Posted on May 22, 2012


There is not a great deal of information about cash gifting online. This odd, of course, as the systems are widely advertised. At its heart, cash gifting occupies an odd place in the hierarchy of internet money-making schemes. On one hand, it certainly requires the same kind of recruitment efforts as its less savory competitors. One the other hand, the process is technically legal and can actually allow some individuals to make money. Understanding the process is really the key to deciding whether or not to invest the time and money necessary to participate in the process of private gifting.

How Does Cash Gifting Work From A General Standpoint?

The cash gifting process is a system that largely relies on recruitment rather than a product. Unlike a sales scheme, this sort of process relies entirely on private gifting. It does make a fair bit of sense, so long as one actually looks at it from the perspective of the process as a group recruitment effort. An individual creates the cash gifting group, and then advertises. Further individuals join the group by way of a cash gift, and are then asked to recruit others. The more individuals recruited to join, the more money that goes into the overall pot. Only by recruitment gifts do members actually make money.

The legality of the process actually takes place in a legal grey area. A good cash gifting program will be up front about its nature, and require that money sent is accompanied by acknowledgement that the money sent is a gift. This does help to shield those in charge from legal repercussions, but only if done in a very specific manner. Failure to do so can expose recruiters to liability, especially if outrageous promises were made. A full explanation of the process, accompanied by documents, is generally required to keep the process completely legal.

As with most systems of this sort, the real money come from having others invest. Private gifting from one or two people will rarely allow an individual to make any kind of profit, but a fair bit of SEO work and networking can help an individual to turn a profit. There is never a guarantee, of course, and most cash gifting programs are quick to point this out. If a user does have a particular talent for recruitment and for driving traffic to his or her site, it is entirely possible that profits will be made in a short period of time.

As with any kind of system that allows you to make money, it is important to ask questions. Make sure that you understand the process of private gifting, and that you understand that you can lose money if you do not actively pursue recruitment. Always make sure that any moves you make are within the bounds of the law, and always attempt to consult those on top of the food chain to figure out how to stay within the legal framework set up. With a bit of luck, any individual involved with cash gifting can legitimately make money.

Disclaimer: please understand that this article isn’t written for a authority figure, and neither is it any legal advice as far as cash gifting rules and laws, but rather and opinion of someone who thoroughly research information, laws, rules, and regulations concerning cash gifting. Therefore it is hugely encourage that you seek legal advice by contacting the I.R.S to get more information on cash gifting. Here is a link that we recommend to a video concerning gifting

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