Parent’s Guide on How to Save on Proms

Posted on May 18, 2012


We are aware that proms are a big deal for our teens. Months before the ‘big’ day, they are already scouting for the best dresses and the coolest limousines. Apparently, most of the budget will still come from you. If you are rich or if you are business magnate, I don’t think that you will have a problem giving your teens the most magical prom night. But if you are someone who’s earning just enough, this post is for you. I will give you some practical tips which you can also share to your kids.

Here are some of those.

Let them choose the best dress and you find a decent seamstress. Allow them to be fashionable according to their taste. If they found a perfect piece made by a famous designer, so be it. However, you need to be very vocal about your budget. You can ask your friends if they are aware of a great local seamstress that can make an almost same dress for your kid. If you have a teenage boy, you can just rent a fabulous tuxedo. With a little alterations and grooming, your son will surely look like a Hollywood A list star.

Don’t rent a limousine on your own. I don’t have to tell you that renting a limousine is expensive, right? It’s a given fact. If you really want your kids to ride a limousine, tell them that they could ask their friends if they are willing to share the rent. I mean, if you can divide the cost by 5 or even 7, it would be easier on the pocket.

Do your own flower arrangement. If you have a talent for arranging flowers, you must do it on your own. If you must know, flowers from ‘professional’ stores are overpriced. If you are creative, why would you spend for it?

Suggest to your kids to have a backyard cookout. Most prom attendees would like to have an after party. Some of them would spend thousands of dollars to book a hotel ballroom. Given the economy, that is not advisable. If you can lend your backyard, I would strongly encourage that. You can tell your kids that you will take care of the food and all the party needs as long as their friends would contribute to the cost. Do you know why this is a good suggestion? That’s because even if your kids or their friends get drunk, you’ll know that they will be safe under your watch.

According to some studies, a lot of families spend thousands of bucks for a prom night. I mean, why would you do that? It’s about time that you squeeze your resources and become practical. You can make your kids prom memorable even for a small amount of money.

Kim Bookman is a practical mom that loves to haggle for coupons and discounts. She actually uses theme park coupon sites to save money when her kids would like to go for thriller rides. 

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