How Stay At Home Moms Can Save Significantly

Posted on May 14, 2012


The decision to stay at home with your children is a choice that many parents make.  Some circumstances won’t allow a parent the option to work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to make or save some cash here and there.  Below are some wonderful tips for moms at home who are on a one-income budget.

1.Eating Out

Having meals outside the home can be quite expensive.  Make restaurants an event for special occasions only, such as once a month or for birthdays. This will save lots of money.  Cooking at home and having leftovers will be much more efficient and healthy!

2. Outings and Memberships

When going on outings to the park, zoos, or neighboring towns, packing a backpack or a cooler with food and drinks can save a lot of money versus paying the venue’s high cost of food and drinks.  Also, if you visit one place specifically, such as a waterpark or the zoo, it can be much more cost effective to purchase a membership and get the lower admission for being a member.  Look for deals and offers online that charge less on certain days of the week too.

3. Child Care

One of the best ways to save money is to have swap days with other stay-at-home moms to care for your children, instead of paying a sitter or daycare.  Trading with others will help you both out and give your kids and yourself the free time needed.

4. Things to Do

Find things to do for your children that don’t cost money.  Many local parks, lakes, and play parks will allow children time to play or ride bicycles with other children.  Packing a sacked lunch or having a picnic at the lake or park would be enjoyable for all and free!

5. Cutting Coupons

Have a party cutting coupons with the children.  Have them go through coupons in papers and such and pick out the things they like and have them cut and organize coupons for fun, because cutting coupons can be quite effective for saving money. You can find many coupon websites as well that will email you any coupons your request.  Grocery stores even have downloadable coupons for their shopper cards that a mom can choose from home to download and print, or put onto a smart phone.  A swipe of the shopper card and your discounts are applied! Shop on days that have double coupon offers as well for extra savings.

6. Housecleaning

Eliminating the cost of having a housekeeper, and help with the housework, because this can save a lot of money.  Chores around the house can be made fun for children too.  Along with saving money, it teaches the children skills they can use in the future and how to work together as a family. For younger children, it aided developing dexterity!

7. Automobile Expenses

With the cost of gas going up, it’s become quite expensive to take trips and run errands.  Plan any trips you have to take well ahead in time, and be open to adjusting your travel. Going places a couple days of the week versus five or six days will help to save a great amount of money, as would be carpooling with the neighbors.  Try hard to write a list of everything you need while out on the town, so special trips are not required after you do your shopping and errands.  Ask around and see if you know anyone who’s handy, because having someone change the oil on your vehicles will save a lot more money than having it done at a repair shop.  Look for coupons as well for automotive savings when you do need to have maintenance on your car.  Most companies have websites that offer great savings in the automobile industry.

Making these frugal choices will benefit the family’s budget and provide significant savings overall.

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