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Posted on May 10, 2012


Reap the benefits

The benefits to a company of having a top quality and cost-effective office space are great. In the present-day marketplace it can be notoriously difficult to find an affordable office lease. There are several factors which figure as to why renting an office is far better and less costly than buying.

Offices to rent are in general a very good alternative and in many cases make far more financial sense than purchasing your own premises. With the left over money which you will have when renting, you will be able to put this back into your company, your employees and your future in general.


One of the most obvious benefits of renting office space is being able to do so in a vastly superior area to where you may be able to afford to buy. Due to the fact that renting is easier than and not as expensive as buying, you will be able to set up business in a place which could generally be out of your price range. Think of the prestige in having a very sought after and fashionable office address. Think of the effect that this will have on your customers and on potential customers. Think about it, where would you go to do business with a new company? To an old run down office or to a new and stylish one in an area with a good reputation? Makes sense? It is sad to say that the aesthetics of your building and the location of your company can sometimes have more of a positive effect on potential customers than the actual business ethos and word of mouth reputation which you have built up. This sounds ridiculous but it is true and is something which you need to take into consideration when choosing your rental premises.

There is another very important factor with regards to renting office space rather than buying and this is that you can move to new premises in a brand new location when and if you wish to. Renting gives you the freedom of movement and of finance which buying just cannot give.

Harworth Estates

Harworth Estates are the premier name in the office letting business and can furnish you with a full selection of flexible office solutions to suit any size of company. They currently have a large portfolio of offices to rent and there is sure to be something which will suit even the pickiest of people!

When looking for cost-effective office space to lease, you should look at your requirements as a whole and take into consideration every factor of your company along with your present and upcoming requirements. Keep in mind that both you and your workers will be spending a great deal of time in your new workplace and because of this you need to have the right surroundings to suit you.

Harworth Estates are one of the largest landowners in the UK. They also have offices to rent for businesses.

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