Dog Shock Collars: Safe for Dogs and Highly Effective

Posted on April 25, 2012


When asked, most everyone would admit that they believe the use of dog shock collars to be cruel and inhumane. People have a tendency to imagine snarling and vicious dogs being electrocuted relentlessly into whimpering submission, abused by some maniacal trainer delighting in the torture and suffering of helpless animals. Fortunately for dogs as well as their owners, the actual truth about dog training collars is that nothing could be further from such a horrible scenario. Despite the persistence of such popular misconceptions, dog shock collar training is simply nothing more than a means of dog training that can be both quick and effective, yet also very safe.

Dog shock collars typically work by generating an electrical pulse that the animal finds startling and therefore unpleasant. It is important to remember that this shock causes no real physical harm to the animal. In fact, the sensation produced by modern quality dog training collars is usually compared to that which a person might feel when experiencing a shock from static electricity. In conjunction with the shock, some collars utilize a vibration or a beeping tone to enhance the effect.

One of the primary benefits of the use of remote dog training collars is the speed at which the animal learns to associate the mild electrical current with its own actions. Remote dog training collars work by responding to a device controlled by the trainer. When a dog’s behavior needs to be corrected, the trainer is able to immediately target that behavior.

Another benefit to dog shock collar training is that there are dog training collars available for a variety of situations. In addition to working with a trainer, some dog shock collars are designed for specific functions, such as responding automatically to loud and incessant barking, or to keep the animal relegated to a particular area of containment, such as a yard where the construction of fences may be restricted by regulations or is cost-prohibitive.

When one considers other popular means of dog training, it becomes clear that dog shock collar training has superior advantages. Methods such as rewarding the dog with treats work well enough until there are no more treats available. In such circumstances, dogs often become insubordinate because their behavior is motivated primarily by greed and the object of their desire is not forthcoming. Conversely, the use of verbal and physical punishment is by far the worst method of all. As opposed to the use of avoidance methods like dog training collars, punishment training is used only by those who are cruel or ignorant. Dogs trained with this method suffer from poor confidence and tend to become nervous, frightened, and dangerous animals. By their very nature, remote dog training collars simply avoid the psychological problems that other less-effective methods of training rely upon.

When an animal’s behavior needs to be corrected, dog owners should consider purchasing a quality dog shock collar. Far from being out-dated and cruel, modern collars are simply a safe and effective solution.

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