Why Cottages in Chichester Are Ideal for Family Holidays

Posted on March 21, 2012


The problem with families is they’re all into different things. And that’s why cottages in Chichester are the ideal solution for a family holiday. Chichester is a bustling town with enough going on to satisfy the most bored of teenagers or culture craving of partners – yet it’s right on the edge of some of the most beautiful outdoor country in the whole of the British Isles.

Personally I prefer the outdoors to the indoors – but my kids won’t go a whole week without a trip to the cinema and at least one day out shopping! So I tend to look for cottages in Chichester when it’s time for the annual holiday. My wife loves the restaurants and theatre in town, the kids are happy with the amenities for the – and I get to go walking out in the wilds with a pair of binoculars and a camera. It’s the ideal solution for everyone.

The kids love the beach of course. So when we’ve tired of the town life that cottagesin Chichester give you access to, we head of to the Witterings for some fun in the sun and the sand! I’ll take myself out to the Pagham Harbour Nature reserve to do some birdwatching, maybe get a pint in the pub and some fish and chips while Mum takes son and daughter out to buy new clothes on a shopping spree!

To be fair there’s plenty of history in Chichester as well – we all like going out from our cottages in Chichester to explore the Cathedral and the harbour before getting a pizza somewhere. And we’ll make an annual trip to the famous Chichester Festival Theatre, which always has something for all the family on during the Easter and Summer holidays!

Cottages in Chichester put you close to the Downs too. If you like country pubs you’ll be spoilt for choice and if you fancy staying in the country and going into the city on your “days off” from walking and hiking, why not try a cottage near the town rather than in it?

You can get plenty of family cottages in the Chichester area, which still count as cottages in Chichester but which are really out in the country. There are plenty of things to do within easy reach as well, country houses, museums and great nature walks being top of our list.

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