The Open Home – How to Make the Most of Your Space Using Custom Bifold Doors

Posted on March 21, 2012


No two homes are alike but every home owner has something in common – the desire to enjoy as much of their garden and outside aspect as possible despite the vagaries of the British weather! That’s why custom bifold doors are getting increasingly popular, as they can give you an almost uninterrupted vista when those July rains come down, and open up practically the whole back of your property when it suddenly gets hot at the end of November…

Custom bifold doors open to almost 80%, meaning you can use the external area of your home as an extension to your existing lounge or conservatory. Or you can have the bifold doors inside your house, as a versatile way to rearrange the layout of your lounge and kitchen.
Installing custom bifold doors inside allows you to create a kitchen and dining room area (for example) that can either be one big informal space – or which can be sectioned off to partition the kitchen from guests at a dinner party.

The same effect can be gained by using custom bifold doors in a bedroom (where you can section off a changing area for example) or even in a his and hers bathroom, which may be sectioned for privacy and opened up for conviviality as and when you will.

Custom bifold doors are used in quite a few pubs and bars these days – you’ll see them running down the front of pubs and restaurants in areas where the weather gets warm enough to want the whole front of the restaurant opened. They offer sturdy protection against the elements when they’re shut without obstructing the views – so if your property is blessed with some nice aspects you should make the most of them by installing custom bifold doors along your most picturesque view!

Like any custom carpentry project, custom bifold doors can be specified to almost any size and be finished in any style. So you can update a period home or maintain the character of your country retreat without having to lose out on all those special views.

Consider the placing of your custom bifold doors when you think about the wood and finish you want for them. Bifold doors opening to an outside area must necessarily be sturdier than interior bifold doors, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Internal custom bifold doors can be made from slimmer wood and need not have so much glazing.

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