Scrap Car Yards or Junk Car Removal Companies- Which is the Better Choice?

Posted on March 15, 2012


Getting rid of something is always a hard thing. Whether it is habits or a possession that you have kept close to your heart for a long time, it is hard to let go. But there are situations when things have to take their own course. Removing your scrap car from the premises can be one such hard situation that you have to face once you realize that it is incurring more losses than helping you out. Once you have made up your mind, you can consider two options: junk car yards and junk car removal companies. Which one is better now is the question that you keep on asking yourself before taking the decision which one to contact. The best way to get out of the confusion is to weigh the pros and cons of both.

In the first instance, scrap car yards can be thought to be a viable option. It might seem easier for you to just drag the scrap car and leave it in the junkyard. The harder part comes when you actually try your hand at it. If you cannot tow it down yourself, then you have to hire a tow truck to do the job for you. This is chargeable as scrap car yards do not offer this service free of cost. Comparatively, junk car removal companies will. You just have to contact them and leave the address from where the car has to be picked up. The rest is handled by them.

Junk car removal companies score over scrap car yards in another regard is that they will pay the correct scrap value for your useless vehicle. Scrap car yards owners can bargain with you in that area and there are chances that you suffer a loss. The scenario is entirely different with junk car removal companies. They maintain a standard rate structure which conforms to the current market value of the scrap metal. You get the correct price for your car.

There are other areas to consider too. For example, scrap car yards owner asks the car owner to drain the vehicle of all fluids. At times even some parts like the car tires are not accepted by many junk car companies. This is not the case with good junk car removal companies. They accept your vehicle just as they are.

Again, there are chances of scrap car yards of being shady in nature. This would mean that they accept the car and put it to some illegal use without your knowledge. Such things can be avoided if you let a licensed junk car removal company handle the job.

A wise decision can thus save you from unwanted hassles when it comes to removing the scrap car.

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