What Do You Use Your Office Cleaners For?

Posted on February 29, 2012


Office cleaners have a multitude of uses. Are you using yours as effectively as you could be? We’ve put together a little list of reasons for arranging a regular contract for office cleaning and deep clean:

1: Health and safety – Top of every conscientious employer’s list, it’s a well known fact that professional office cleaners can significantly raise the health and safety of your premises. From keeping cords and cables out of the way to Hoovering up all those nasty micro organisms (which like to congregate around keyboards where busy workers have been eating sandwiches), the contract cleaner does a lot more than just making things look nice.

2: Increased productivity – My mum used to tell me that a clean house was a happy house and I never believed her. Until I started working in cleaning and realised the massive difference that professional office cleaners can make to the atmosphere of a workplace. Simply put, an office full of rubbish, piles of paper and dirty washing up is not conducive to concentration or relaxation – the tow things your workers need access to in large quantities if they are going to be able to help take your business to the next level.

3: Compliance with legal requirements – This is slightly different from health and safety improvement, in that certain parts of your office must be clean and tidy by law (fire escape routes, for example). Also, professional office cleaners can help with non health and safety regulation compliance too. For example, by keeping a clean and tidy office, it is easier for you to comply with freedom of information requests or due diligence book keeping: simply because the things you need are easier to find.

4: Annual and deep cleaning – Professional office cleaners can help you run annual, bi annual and deep cleans to keep the whole premises in good order. A professional organisation has tried and tested cleaning routines in place for big and small jobs alike. You’ll save a lot of time and effort if you book the professionals to direct, manage and complete a deep clean.

5: Equipment life – Professional office cleaners can significantly prolong the life of expensive, sensitive equipment including keyboards, printers and servers. The enemy of any precision or delicate instrument, dust and dirt, is also the enemy of the office cleaner.

Professional Office cleaners London do a lot more than just sweep the carpets and change the bins. They are responsible for a better run, more cost effective office.

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