Beat the Moving Blues With Professional Builders!

Posted on February 29, 2012


More and more capital property owners are changing the way they view their house – by turning it deliberately into a family home. Using reputed builders in conjunction with the proper professionals – planning professionals, architects and buildings control experts – it is possible to take your existing property and turn it into the home you have always dreamed of. So if you have always liked the area you live in, but wish you had a bigger or more well designed home, read on:

1: Consider a ground floor extension – In general terms, builders can get you automatic planning permission for most wraparound (back and side) extensions within a preset limit. This opens up the usable floor area of your home and can give you the space you need to completely remodel the interior.

2: Employ a company that delivers architectural assistance and you will be able to move walls around inside your home, even load bearing ones. I have recently seen an incredible kitchen extension, in which hired builders removed a whole rear wall, stretched the kitchen out into the garden (using a glass box) and created a completely new load bearing system from hand made iron girders. Use the right professionals and your imagination is the only limit to your end product.

3: Don’t overlook your cellar or attic –  Builders can make drastic improvements to the usable space in your home by simply freeing up the basement, or the attic, or both. Do be aware that there are specific building considerations to make when opening up either. There is very little natural light in a basement, for example. Pick applications for the loft and the basement that are suited to the physical properties of the area you are renovating.

4: Move your kitchen – Any experienced builder will tell you that the whole feeling of your home – not to mention its practical limitations – is set by the location of your kitchen. You can put a kitchen anywhere, when you have the right space and the right professionals working the job. I would suggest a ground floor extension, in which you build a new kitchen – then you can gut the old kitchen and turn it into usable space for expanding the lounge or adding a downstairs office, library or study.

There is a lot to be said for finding a location you like and then building your home in it. That way you know that your kids get a good school and a healthy and safe place to grow up in. There’s plenty of scope for planning, with Permitted Development active across the UK – so if you have a great place to live but a house that needs work, I’d suggest you think of reputed Builders in London before you think about moving to a whole new area.

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